Nov. 01, 1982
Nov. 01, 1982

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Nov. 1, 1982

World Series
Pro Basketball 1982-83
High School Football
Horse Racing


6—James Drake
13—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
18-21—Ronald C. Modra
22, 23—Peter Read Miller (bottom left), Tony Tomsic (2)
24, 25—Jerry Cooke, Tony Triolo (top right)
26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier (top), John Iacono
28—John Iacono
33—Jerry Wachter
34, 35—Tony Tomsic (top right), Heinz Kluetmeier (2)
46, 47—Manny Millan
48—Richard Mackson
49—George Tiedemann (top), Manny Millan
50—Dick Raphael
52, 57—Richard Mackson
60—Andy Hayt
62—Ellen Fitzgerald/Athens Newspapers Inc., Manny Rubio (inset)
70, 72—Carl Iwasaki
74—John McDonough
75—John McDonough (top right), George Long (2)
76, 79—Carl Skalak
80, 81—Peter Read Miller
82, 83—Manny Millan
84—Andy Hayt
86—Peter Read Miller
88—Manny Millan
90—Anthony Neste
92—Northwest Camera

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