Nov. 29, 1982
Nov. 29, 1982

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Nov. 29, 1982

Pro Football
Part III: Journal Of A Plagued Year
College Basketball 1982-83
College Football
Dean Smith
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


6—Manny Millan
24, 25—Manny Millan
26, 27—Manny Millan (top, bottom center), Carl Skalak (2)
28—Jerry Wachter
29—Tony Tomsic
39—Roy Hobson (bottom)
49—Richard Mackson
50—Jerry Wachter
51—Bill Luster
52, 55—Manny Rubio
56—Doug Hoke
58—Steve Goldstein
59—Mickey Pfleger
60—Bill Smith
62—Jerry Wachter
71—Andy Hayt
72—Bill Smith
73—Heinz Kluetmeier
74—Steve Goldstein
75—Manny Rubio
99—Mickey Pfleger
102, 103—Manny Millan, Heinz Kluetmeier (inset)
104—Bill Eppridge
105—Rich Clarkson
106—Jerry Wachter (top), James Drake
108—Bill Eppridge (3)
111—Rich Clarkson
112, 114—University of North Carolina Photo Lab
127—Max Hirshfield, Mark Short

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