Dec. 13, 1982
Dec. 13, 1982

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Dec. 13, 1982

Marcus Allen
The Kings
Bob Kuechenberg
Jeff Ruland
College basketball


4—Manny Millan
13—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
18, 19—Andy Hayt
20—Richard Mackson
21—Andy Hayt
22—Richard Mackson
23—Andy Hayt
24—Tony Triolo
25—Tony Tomsic
26—Carl Skalak
27-33—Andy Hayt
34—Ronald C. Modra
35—Paul Bereswill
36, 41—Ronald C. Modra
44—Anthony Neste
45—Ronald C. Modra
46—Jerry Wachter
48—Carl Skalak
53—Anthony Neste (top), Jerry Wachter
54—Jerry Wachter (2)
56—Manny Millan
60—Dick Raphael
65—Barry Tenin
66—Tony Tomsic
67—Heinz Kluetmeier
68—Tony Tomsic
72, 73—G.C. Kelley/Photo Researchers
74, 75—Stouffer Productions/Animals Animals (top), Missouri Dept. of Conservation (5)
76—Missouri Dept. of Conservation
80, 82—José Azel
83—Missouri Dept. of Conservation
84—José Azel
86—Missouri Dept. of Conservation
95—Jack Frei (2)

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