Feb. 07, 1983
Feb. 07, 1983

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Feb. 7, 1983

Super Bowl XVII
Pole Vaulters
Bombs Away
TV / Radio


4—Manny Millan
11—Barry Fikes
16,17—Manny MilIan
18—Tony Tomsic (top), George Tiedemann
19—Walter Iooss Jr.
20,21—Jerry Wachter
22,23—Manny Millan
24,25—(clockwise from top left) Ronald C. Modra (2), Andy Hayt, Tony Tomsic, Walter Iooss Jr., Manny Millan
26—Jacqueline Duvoisin/ABC Sports (top), John Iacono
29—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Andy Hayt
30,31—Paul Bereswill
32—Paul Kennedy (top), Phil Huber
33—Paul Bereswill
36,37—Jerry Wachter (left), Bill Luster
38—Jerry Wachter (left), Richard Mackson
39—Carl Skalak
40,41,44—Heinz Kluetmeier
45—Bill Luster (top), David Lissy (2)
48—John Iacono
50—Mark Perlstein
56,59—Andy Hayt:
60,61—Manny Millan
62-64—Lane Stewart
66—Andy Hayt
68,69—Shapiro/Gamma-Liaison (bottom left), Lane Stewart (2)
70—Bill Luster
72—Hank Walker
73,74—A.Y. Owen
77—Wright State University.

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