Feb. 14, 1983
Feb. 14, 1983

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Feb. 14, 1983

The Crosby
  • Old reliable Tom Kite tamed Pebble Beach's 7th hole and all the others during a record round setting up his victory in a Crosby that was sometimes sunny, but always soggy

Bjorn Borg
Joe Theismann
Figure Skating
College Basketball
Track & Field


4—Walter Iooss Jr.
23—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
28, 29—Jerry Wachter
30, 31—Lane Stewart (top), Mickey Pfleger
32, 33—Dick Raphael
34, 35—Dick Raphael (left), Anthony Neste (bottom center), Paul Bereswill (2)
44, 45—John Iacono (top), Brian Lanker
46—Peter Read Miller (top), John Huehnergarth
49—Manny Millan (top), Jacqueline Duvoisin/ABC Sports
50—Andy Hayt
52—Jerry Wachter
75, 76—Manny Millan
78, 81—Carl Skalak
87—John Iacono
88—Phil Huber
90—Barton Silverman
93—Jerry Wachter
105—Lehtikuva Oy
106—The Daily Gleaner
125—Ellis Malashuk

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