May 09, 1983
May 09, 1983

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May 9, 1983

The Lakers
Special K
Derby Dilemma
Bill Madlock


4—John Iacono
2l—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
34, 35—Jerry Wachter
36—Manny Millan
41—Jerry Wachter
42, 43—Ronald C. Modra
44—Jerry Cooke (top), Bill Luster
45—Bill Luster
46—Rob Brown (top), Jerry Cooke
54—AP (top)
58, 59—John Iacono
60—Jerry Lodriguss
61—Ronald C. Modra
62—John D. Hanlon
67—Gene Sweeney Jr.
80, 82—Courtesy of Houghton Club
92—Ron Eicher

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