May 30, 1983
May 30, 1983

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May 30, 1983

The Crousers
Solo Sailing


6—Therese A. Daubner
19—Illustration by Sam Q. Weismann
22—Al Levine
24, 25—Tony Triolo
26, 27—Tony Triolo (left), Manny Millan (2)
28—Tony Triolo
29—Heinz Kluetmeier—ABC Sports
30—John Iacono (top), Tony Tomsic
31—Carl Skalak
34, 35—Jerry Wachter
38—Tony Tomsic
39—Jerry Wachter (left), Manny Millan
40, 41—Brian Lanker
42—Warren Morgan
43—Warren Morgan (left), Mickey Pfleger
46—Brian Lanker (top), Tony Tomsic
47—Brian Lanker
48—The BOC Challenge (top), Philippe Jeantot
50—Barry Tenin
59—Ace Marine Photography
62—Daniel Allisy—Sea and See
63—Barry Tenin (top), Eric Schweikardt
64—Steve Goldstein
67—Jerry Wachter
70, 73—George Tiedemann
74, 75—John Iacono (top), Ronald C. Modra
76-79—Carl Iwasaki
80—The Mono Lake Committee (center), Carl Iwasaki (2)
82—Carl Iwasaki (top), Michael R. Dressler/The Mono Lake Committee (center), Joseph R, Jehl Jr./The Mono Lake Committee
84—Carl Iwasaki
86—Carl Iwasaki (top), The Mono Lake Committee
88—The InterNorth Art Foundation/Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Neb.
90—Courtesy Mark Twain Estates
95—Boston University Photo Service (2), Roger Klock, Oklahoma Publishing Co., John Rawlston, News-Free
96—Peter Read Miller

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