July 11, 1983
July 11, 1983

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July 11, 1983

World Records
Julie Ridge
America's Cup
Bobby Chacon
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 A Giant Stride Ahead of the Field
John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova stomped their opposition en route to their triumphs at Wimbledon
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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26 Generally, It Was a One-Man Show
Herschel Walker was a big star, but he and his 1,812 yards rushing weren't enough to put the USFL into the big time
by Ralph Wiley

28 The Fastest Doubleheader Ever
In a 15-minute span Evelyn Ashford and Calvin Smith set 100-meter world records at the National Sports Festival
by Kenny Moore

36 Big Designs on the Big Apple
Julie Ridge, actress and Channel swimmer, plans to make her next splash by swimming all around the town—twice
by Dan Levin

46 A Grand Old Girl Steals the Show
Courageous gave a special magic to the surprisingly close U.S. trials as America's Cup competition got under way
by Sarah Pileggi

56 'Fighting Is Like a Wife'
Bobby Chacon's wife took her own life and the WBC took away his crown, but he remains wedded to the ring
by Ralph Wiley

74 Special Delivery from Down Under
They call K.C.'s Dan Quisenberry The Australian because of his unorthodox delivery, but his record isn't strange
by Steve Wulf


Scorecard 15
TV/Radio 55
Baseball 62
Weightlifting 70
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

Cover photograph by Steve Powell

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