Aug. 08, 1983
Aug. 08, 1983

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Aug. 8, 1983

The Pirates
The Steelers
Doug Rader
Colin Jones
Henry Marsh
Howard Cosell
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Lane Stewart
17—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
22, 23—John Iacono (right), Manny Millan (2)
24—Jerry Wachter
25-27—Manny Millan
32, 33—Steve Goldstein
34—Tony Tomsic (top), John Iacono
37—John Iacono
38, 39—Mickey Pfleger
40, 41—Ronald C. Modra
44, 45—Ronald C. Modra (right), Mickey Pfleger (2)
46, 47—Graham Finlayson
50, 51—Graham Finlayson (top), Mark Crosse-Reno Gazette-Journal
54—Trevor Jones
55-57—Carl Iwasaki
58—John D. Hanlon
60—Anthony Neste
64, 65—Bill Eppridge
66, 67—Arnold Newman
68, 69—Lane Stewart
70—Andy Hayt (top), Lane Stewart (center), ABC
72, 73—Lane Stewart
74—ABC Sports
75—Steven Fenn-ABC Sports
77—Lane Stewart
85—Ron Eicher (1)

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