Sept. 01, 1983
Sept. 01, 1983

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Sept. 1, 1983

Pro Football 1983
College Football 1983


3—Ronald C. Modra
6—Lane Stewart
16—Tony Tomsic
20—John D. Hanlon
22—Andy Hayt (left), James Drake
24, 25—Anthony Neste
26, 27—Manny Rubio
28-31—Richard Mackson
32, 33—Anthony Neste
34—John Biever
38, 39—Lane Stewart
40—Richard Mackson
42-48—Lane Stewart
50—Neil Leifer
54—CBS Sports
59—Ronald C. Modra
69—Richard Mackson
72—Walter Iooss Jr.
77—Ronald C. Modra
82—Peter Read Miller
88, 89—Ronald C. Modra
90, 91—Rich Clarkson (left), Ronald C. Modra
92, 93—John Hanlon (left), John Biever
94, 95—Paul Bereswill (left), Andy Hayt
96—Steve Goldstein
100—Manny Millan (left)
101—John Iacono (left)
116—AP (top), Neil Leifer
122, 123—Richard Mackson
124-126—Phil Huber
128—Ronald C. Modra
129—AP (left). Andy Hayt
130—Phil Huber
132, 133—Andy Hayt
134, 135—Paul Jasienski (left), Rich Clarkson
136, 137—Jacqueline Duvoisin/ABC Sports
138, 139—Tony Tomsic
141—Tony Tomsic
142—Rich Clarkson
144—Jeff Jacobson
146—Manny Rubio
148—Phil Huber
150—Gene Sweeney Jr.
152—Doug Hoke
155—Jerry Wachter
156—Manny Rubio
159—Steve Goldstein
160—James Drake
161—Jerry Lodriguss
162—John F. Jaqua
164—Greg Cava
166—Kenneth R. Weaver
168—Tony Tomsic
169—Greg Cava
171, 172—Jerry Wachter
175—Phil Huber

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