Sept. 19, 1983
Sept. 19, 1983

Table of Contents
Sept. 19, 1983

U.S. Open
Arguello And Pryor
The Eagles
Cecil Cooper
Pro & Con
College Football
Ray Perkins
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


2, 3—Ken Regan-Camera 5 (left), Manny Millan (top right), Tony Tomsic
4—Ronald C. Modra
19, 22—Illustrations by Sam Q. Weissman
24-27—Walter Iooss Jr.
28—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Manny Millan
29—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Manny Millan
30, 31—Manny Millan
32, 33—Ken Regan-Camera 5 (left), Richard Mackson
34—Ken Regan-Camera 5
41—Ken Regan-Camera 5 (top), Richard Mackson
42, 43—Ronald C. Modra
44—Ronald C. Modra (left), John Iacono
49—Ed Mahan (top), Ronald C. Modra
50—Ronald C. Modra
64—Jerry Wachter
65—Heinz Kluetmeier
66—Ronald C. Modra
71, 72—Peter Read Miller
79—Ron Sherman-CBS Sports
82—Bill Luster
93—Jerry Wachter (top)
107—(top to bottom): Rod Millington, Ted Kappier, Tom Wofford (MSU Photo Services), Joe Patronite, Carrol Copeland, Mitch Kezar
108—Lane Stewart

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