Feb. 13, 1984
Feb. 13, 1984

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Feb. 13, 1984

The Crosby
Pete Rose
Bernard King
Donald Trump
Track & Field


4-6—Paolo Curto
31—Bill Eppridge
32—Thomas S. England
34, 35—Peter Read Miller
36, 37—Peter Read Miller (top left), Carl Iwasaki (top right), Richard Mackson (2)
38, 39—Peter Read Miller (top left), Richard Mackson
40, 41—Joe DiMaggio (top left), Jerry Wachter
48, 49—Andy Hayt
50—William Snyder/Dallas Morning News
53—Lane Stewart
55—Manny Millan
56—Nancy Moran/Sygma, Courtesy Foundation for Christian Living (bottom)
58—Nancy Moran/Sygma
60—John McDonough
63—Michael O'Bryon
89—Paul Bereswill (top), Andy Hayt
91—Andy Hayt
92, 94, 96—George Tiedemann
98—Mickey Pfleger
100, 102—Doug Hoke
106, 107—Chris McLaughlin
108—Paolo Curto
109, 110, 112, 114, 116—Carl Iwasaki
118, 122—Paolo Curto
124—Carl Iwasaki
145—(top to bottom) Julia Gaines, Brent Batten, Glenn Osmundson, Gary S. Wolfson, Hal Brown, Mike Spinelli

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