Feb. 20, 1984
Feb. 20, 1984

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Feb. 20, 1984

Track & Field
Pro Basketball
Van Breda Kolff
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


2, 3—Jacqueline Duvoism/ABC Sports
4—Stephanie Wolff
9, 12—Illustrations by Sam Q. Weissman
14, 15—Heinz Kluetmeier/ABC Sports
16, 17—(left to right) Ronald C. Modra, Steve Powell, Manny Millan, Ronald C. Modra
18, 19—(left to right) Dave Cannon/All Sport, Jerry Cooke, Steve Powell/All Sport
20, 21—Ronald C. Modra (top left), Bill Eppridge (5)
22 Bill Eppridge
23—Manny Millan (center), Bill Eppridge (2)
24, 25—Manny Millan (left), Tony Triolo/ABC Sports (top right), Tony Tomsic
26, 27—Manny Millan (3), Heinz Kluetmeier/ABC Sports (bottom right)
28, 29—Manny Millan
30—Peter Read Miller (top), Don Grayston/Deseret News
32—Peter Read Miller
36, 40—Peter Read Miller
44—Jerry Wachter
50—Tony Tomsic
54—Richard Mackson
55—John McDonough (top), Paul Bereswill
56, 58—Jerry Wachter
60, 61—Lane Stewart
62, 63—Tony Tomsic
64, 65—Lane Stewart (left), Tony Tomsic
67—Tony Tomsic
68, 70—Lane Stewart
72, 74—UPI
76—Lane Stewart (top), Tony Tomsic
81—(top to bottom) Dick Brown, Ron Marlow, Diane Church, Ron Rittenhouse, George Rose, PHAN Ty D. Bowman
82—Illustration by Ed Renfro

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