March 19, 1984
March 19, 1984

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March 19, 1984

World Cup Skiing
Patty Sheehan
Henry Milligan


1—Jim Graham
2, 3—George Tiedemann
15—Illustration by Ed Renfro
18—DANA Photography
20, 21—Tony Tomsic
22, 23—Manny Millan
24, 25—Tony Tomsic (2), Manny Millan (bottom right)
26, 27—Richard Mackson/HBO
28—Hubert Schriebl, David Cannon (inset)
29—John Iacono (2), Jerry Cooke (middle)
30—John P. Kelly (top), Grafton Smith
35—Carl Yarbrough/Team Russell (top), Tony Bell/Team Russell
36, 37—Michael O'Bryon, Ronald C. Modra (inset)
38, 42—Mickey Pfleger
46-50—Nancy Moran/Sygma
50—Jerry Wachter (bottom)
55, 57—George Tiedemann
58—Jacqueline Duvoisin
60—John Iacono
62, 63—Paul Bereswill
64—George Tiedemann
66—George Tiedemann (top), John Biever
68, 70—Jerry Wachter
101—(top to bottom) Ed Reinke, Barry Brett, John Spottswood, J. Robert Paskach, Ted Kappler (2)
102—Courtesy of Syosset High School

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