July 30, 1984
July 30, 1984

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July 30, 1984

British Open
The Dodgers
Jack Lambert
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


2, 3—Ronald C. Modra
4—Jacqueline Duvoisin
7—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
10—Gene Sweeney Jr.
12, 13—Tony Triolo/ABC Sports (left 2), Trevor Jones
14—Trevor Jones
15—Graham Finlayson
16, 17—Tony Triolo/ABC Sports (left 2), Graham Finlayson
20—Jerry Wachter (top), Ronald C. Modra
21—Jerry Wachter
22—Ronald C. Modra
25—Jerry Wachter
28—Focus On Sports
42—George Robarge
44, 45—Kim Sakamoto
46—Jacqueline Duvoisin
48—Jacqueline Duvoisin
51—Jacqueline Duvoisin (left 2), George Tiedemann
52, 63—Walter Iooss Jr.
54-60—Carl Iwasaki
61—Walter Iooss Jr.
62, 63—Carl Iwasaki
64, 66—Carl Iwasaki (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
69—John Graham, courtesy Larry Gariepy, Barry Shapiro (top), Erica Berger, courtesy Kenneth Rodriguez, Paul Fraughton (bottom)
70—Evansville Courier/Bill Adkins

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