Sept. 05, 1984
Sept. 05, 1984

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Sept. 5, 1984

Pro Football 1984
College Football 1984


6-7—John Biever
8—Howard Castleberry
14—Andy Hayt
15—Neil Leifer
16, 17—Rich Pilling/Focus on Sports (left), Ronald C. Modra
20—Peter Read Miller
21—John Iacono
22—Andy Hayt
24—George Gojkovich (top), Manny Rubio
25—John Biever
46, 47—Rich Pilling
48, 49—Craig Molenhouse (left), Anthony Neste
50—Peter Read Miller
52, 53—Ronald C. Modra (left), Carl Skalak (center), Jerry Wachter
54, 55—Rob Brown/Focus On Sports (left), John Biever (center), Jerry Wachter
57—Focus On Sports (top), Manny Millan
61—Ronald C. Modra
62—Mark Pcrlstein
65—Richard Mackson
66, 69—Andy Hayt
70—Chuck Solomon
75—John Biever
76, 79—Andy Hayt
80—Michael O'Bryon
84, 85—Ronald C. Modra
104, 105—Lane Stewart
106—Ronald C. Modra
107—Heinz Kluetmeier
108—John Iacono (top), Tony Tomsic
113—Manny Rubio
114—Michael O'Bryon
116—John Iacono
118—Michael O'Bryon
120, 121—Buck Miller
122—John Biever
123—Richard Mackson
124—Barry Staver
126—Doug Hoke
128—courtesy Texas Tech University
130, 131—Doug Hoke (left), Jerry Wachter
132—Doug Hoke
134, 135—Joe McNally
136, 137—Tony Tomsic
138—Joe McNally
140—Will McIntyre (top), Joe McNally
142, 144—Joe McNally
146—Steven Navratil (left), Rich Clarkson
147—Andy Hayt (top), Bill Eppridge
148, 149—Richard Mackson (left), Tony Tomsic (right), John D. Hanlon (2)
152—Craig Molenhouse
153—Doug Hoke (top), Ronald C. Modra
154—Paul Bereswill
156—Manny Rubio
157—Carl Skalak (top), courtesy General Mills Inc.
159—John Biever
160—Bill Luster
162—Jacqueline Duvoisin (top), Tony Tomsic
164—Howard Castleberry
165—Steven Navratil (top), Charles B. Kitz
166—Tony Tomsic
168—Alan Dorow
169—Michael O'Bryon
171—Doug Hoke
172, 174—Michael O'Bryon
175—Jim Graham
176—James Schnepf
178—Harley Soltes
181—Doug Hoke
182—Manny Rubio
183—Heinz Kluetmeier
184—Craig Molenhouse
185—Bill Luster
186—Mark Perlstein
188—Jerry Wachter
190—Howard Castleberry
192—Lee Crum (top), Tony Tomsic
194—Lee Crum
195—John D. Hanlon
200—Focus On Sports (top), Andy Hayt
201—Doug Hoke
202, 203—Ronald C. Modra
204, 205—Manny Rubio (right), Will McIntyre
206—Richard Mackson
207—Nancy Moran/Sygma
209—Jack Smith
210—Mark Perlstein
212—Jerry Wachter

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