Jan. 14, 1985
Jan. 14, 1985

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Jan. 14, 1985

NFL Playoffs
Donald Curry
The Celtics
19th Hole: The Reader Take Over


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The NFL Playoffs

14 Miami's Dan Marino was unstoppable as the Dolphins decked Pittsburgh 45-28 in the AFC championship game
by Ralph Wiley

22 As is his wont, Bill Walsh had his offense well scripted, but it was his tough D that powered the 49ers over Chicago
by Paul Zimmerman

30 A Double Helping Of Special K
Two very similar centers, Joe Kleine of Arkansas and Jon Koncak of SMU, are the stars on a long-running serial
by Jack McCallum

32 Riding A Lonely Road To The Top
WBA welterweight king Donald Curry missed the wealth that goes with Olympic gold, but his time may be coming
by Pat Putnam

40 No. 1 In Their Hearts
Red Auerbach attained lofty new status as old Celtics gathered to play a little hoops and honor their mentor
by Frank Deford

98 And So It Came To Pass...
...that college football teams accustomed to the slag heap—notably No. 1 BYU—have flown past the big powers
by John Underwood


9 Scorecard
82 Swimming
86 Golf
88 College Basketball
115 For The Record
116 19th Hole