Oct. 14, 1985
Oct. 14, 1985

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Oct. 14, 1985

The Royals
Eddie Robinson
Hockey 1985-86
  • What hath Mike Hitch, the pizza mogul who owns the Red Wings, wrought? For one thing, he has made some of his players rich. For another, he has stirred both hopes (among NHL players) and fears (among owners) that the walls of free agency may at last come tumbling down. None of which makes any difference to the Edmonton Oilers, who are primed to make off with another Stanley Cup championship.

  • The Oilers are helmeted head and padded shoulders above the rest of the NHL. Far below, mere mortals will be skating for the honor of getting whipped by Edmonton in the Stanley Cup playoffs

  • Not content to be Wayne Gretzky's teammate, swift-skating Oiler defenseman Paul Coffey suddenly is getting himself compared to Bobby Orr—and not unfavorably, either

College Football
Pro Basketball


24 Coming On Strong—And Smart
It took all of Dan Marino's savvy, growing game by game, to pull out a Dolphin victory over the stubborn Steelers
by Paul Zimmerman

This is an article from the Oct. 14, 1985 issue

28 The Royals Were Flush With Success
The Angels came into town on top of the AL West, but Kansas City was the outfit that popped the corks
by Ron Fimrite

32 Here's To You, Mr. Robinson
The nation turned its eyes to Eddie Robinson as he passed Bear Bryant to become college football's winningest coach
by Rick Reilly

40 HOCKEY 1984-85

Go for the dough, boys, is the rallying cry of players around the league after Detroit's free-agent spending spree
by Jack Falla

The Oilers are a sure bet to win the Stanley Cup again, but things are less predictable where mortals skate 48

Not content to be Wayne Gretzky's teammate, swift-skating defenseman Paul Coffey is getting compared to Orr 54
by E.M. Swift

108 Birds Of A Feather
In hunting woodcock for the first time, the author finds the traits that his prey possesses to be very like his own
by William Humphrey


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107 Horse Racing
133 For The Record
134 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra

PHOTOJIM GODBOUT/THRU THE LENS FOTOLEADING OFF: This was the ominous scene Saturday at Belmont Park after a horse named First Guess snapped a leg and caused Charging Falls (foreground) and jockey Jerry Bailey to tumble. First Guess is obscured by muck, but his rider, Robbie Davis, seems about to be crushed. Remarkably, Davis was uninjured; Bailey was hospitalized and First Guess had to be destroyed.