12 The NFL Playoffs

In a dramatic come-from-behind win, the Patriots benefited from six turnovers to deal the Raiders out of the playoffs
by Ralph Wiley

Losing 21-3 to Cleveland in the third quarter, Miami exploded for three touchdowns and a stunning 24-21 win 16
by Douglas S. Looney

Eric Dickerson was unstoppable as he rushed for a record 248 yards to power the Rams past the Cowboys 20-0 20
by Rick Telander

Playing like the monsters they are in popular legend, the Chicago Bears shut out the beleaguered, bedeviled Giants 22
by Paul Zimmerman

26 Life Was Sweet... But Sugar Ran Out
Micheal Ray Richardson had led the New Jersey Nets to a terrific start, but then he fell victim to drugs once again
by Jack McCallum

30 'Let's Not Mess This Up'
Curtis Strange vowed not to succumb to his debacle at the Masters and went on to have his best season ever in 1985
by Jaime Diaz

82 On No Doubt About It: Oklahoma's No. 1
After resolving several off-field problems, much maligned Barry Switzer led his Sooners to the national championship
by Rick Reilly

96 Beauty And The Beastly
The Arabian has taken center stage among U.S. pleasure horses, but its popularity has spawned unsavory practices
by E.M. Swift and J.E. Vader


7 Scorecard
88 Hockey
90 College Basketball
109 For The Record
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt Inset by John Biever

PHOTORICHARD MACKSONLEADING OFF: Tony Dorsett found himself stuck in Los Angeles traffic with no exit in sight as his Dallas Cowboys fell victim to gridlock in the Rams' 20-0 NFC playoff victory.