14 The NFL Playoffs

Chicago hammered the Rams 24-0 to win the NFC title and a Super Bowl berth against the surprising Patriots
by Rick Telander

The Patriots routed the Dolphins 31-14 to win the AFC title and end two decades of futility 20
by Paul Zimmerman

32 There's No Holding These Tigers
Allegations and investigations haven't kept undefeated Memphis State from getting off to its fastest start ever
by Alexander Wolff

36 Peete...But No Repeat
Calvin Peete, who dropped out last year, made up for it by winning the Tournament of Champions with a record score
by Barry McDermott

38 The Shining Star Of The G.D.R.
Lovely Katarina Witt, the world and Olympic figure skating champion, is a luminary in her native Karl-Marx-Stadt
by Rick Reilly

60 The Hawk: A Nose For All Seasons
Kenny Harrelson and his alter ego, The Fabulous Hawk, have again risen to the heights: They're a White Sox VP
by Steve Wulf


9 Scorecard
50 College Basketball
56 Bowling
77 For The Record
78 19th Hole

PHOTOWALTER IOOSS JR.LEADING OFF: Thataway to the Super Bowl! Opportunistic New England is headed for New Orleans after forcing a pile of turnovers in its 31-14 win over Miami, but the Dolphins had only themselves to blame for this botched exchange between center Dwight Stephenson and quarterback Dan Marino that was recovered by the Patriots' Lester Williams (somewhere at the bottom of the heap).