May 05, 1986
May 05, 1986

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May 5, 1986

Stanley Cup
The Mets
Derby Preview
Pro Football


14 Stanley Cup Shockers
The upstart New York Rangers ousted Washington's Caps, and Calgary forced the champion Oilers to a seventh game
by E.M. Swift

This is an article from the May 5, 1986 issue

20 Baseball Boom In The Big Apple

Giving New York fans two first-place teams at once, the Mets extended their winning streak to nine games...
by Bruce Anderson

...while Lou Piniella's Yankees solidified their lead in the AL East, sweeping the Kansas City Royals along the way 23
by Hank Hersch

28 Closing In On A Wide-Open Derby
Only stopwatch fractions separate favored Snow Chief and Badger Land from the rest of the colts at Churchill Downs
by William Nack

36 A Big-Name Pitcher
The Dodgers' Orel Leonard Hershiser IV has become a premier hurler despite an odd handle and a baby face
by Bruce Newman

58 An African Betrayal
A new story by the eminent author concerns a boy and his father on an elephant hunt rife with blood and anger
by Ernest Hemingway


9 Scorecard
44 Pro Football
48 Television
50 Pro Basketball
52 Baseball
75 For The Record
76 19th Hole

Cover painting by Wall Spitzmiller

PHOTOJOHN BIEVERLEADING OFF: New York sports fans may have gone head over heels for their hockey team and two baseball clubs last week, but giving his all, the Mets' Wally Backman went heels over head.