July 14, 1986
July 14, 1986

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July 14, 1986

Carlton And Seaver
  • That cocaine could cripple an athlete's career was well established. Then came sudden, shocking proof that it can kill, too—even the young and strong. Don Rogers, a Cleveland Browns defensive back, was buried last Thursday—another cocaine casualty in sports, just eight days after basketball star Len Bias took a fatal dose of the same drug. Here are one man's reflections on those events.

Bo Jackson
Goodwill Games
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Summer Reruns
Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova successfully and convincingly defended their Wimbledon championships
by Frank Deford

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20 Breaking It Nice And Easy
Ingrid Kristiansen cut an amazing 45.68 seconds off her world record for 10,000 meters at Oslo's Bislett Games
by Kenny Moore

22 They're The Talks Of Their Towns
Steve Carlton, no longer mute, and Tom Seaver are having what may be their last hurrahs in San Francisco and Boston
by Ron Fimrite

28 When The Cheers Turned To Tears
Don Rogers of the Cleveland Browns was buried last week, while the sports world reflected on its cocaine casualties
by Rick Reilly

36 Bo's Not One To Go With The Flow
Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson likes to confound people, as he did when he opted for baseball over football
by Douglas S. Looney

58 The Best Against The Best
As the British Open returns to Turnberry, the author recounts golf's greatest match: Watson-Nicklaus, 1977
by Frank Deford


9 Scorecard
46 Inside Baseball
52 Goodwill Games
75 For The Record
77 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Chuck Solomon

PHOTOBILL EPPRIDGELEADING OFF: On a hot and hazy New York afternoon, Fuji's airship passed in review after pulling out all the f-stops to defeat three challengers in the first-ever Great Blimp Race (see Scorecard).