Were my eyes deceiving me? Soccer on the cover of SPORTS
ILLUSTRATED? No, it was true, but in my haste to find the article
on Argentina's triumph over West Germany I flipped right past it.
Four pages, and more than two of those taken up by pictures! Come on,
guys, if you're able to devote more than 10 pages to a stadium in
Oslo (Hot Times In A Northern Clime, July 7), where currently
nothing is going on that even begins to approach the magnitude of
the World Cup, imagine what you could do with all of the stadiums in
Mexico that were full of people witnessing the most important
sporting event in the world.
Stamford, Conn.
Kenny Moore's article on Oslo's Bislett Stadium captures an
element of sport that is often missing and usually overlooked. In
these days of wavering fan support and ever bigger stadiums, it's
refreshing to see that rare bond between city, facility and
athlete. I especially like the photo of the boy enchanted by
Sebastian Coe. That uncommon respect for the foreign athlete must
help make the Bislett experience special.
Harrisburg, Pa.
Forget Larry Bird, Jack Nicklaus and Bill Shoemaker; Diego
Maradona for Sportsman of the Year!
Auburn, Mass.