After reading ''Between the Lines'' in your July 7 INSIDE
BASEBALL, I was sure I knew of someone who could name the 25
shortstops who have played for the Yankees alongside Willie Randolph.
My father, though a die-hard Yankee fan, could name only two more
than the five you listed -- Bucky Dent and Andre Robertson. It's
driving him crazy! Could you please list them all?
Walpole, N.H.
-- O.K. In alphabetical order, they are:
Sandy Alomar, Dell Alston, Dale Berra, Paul Blair, Ivan DeJesus,
Dent, Brian Doyle, Barry Evans, Mike Fischlin, Tim Foli, Damaso
Garcia, Rex Hudler, Mickey Klutts, Jim Mason, Bobby Meacham, Larry
Milbourne, Graig Nettles, Domingo Ramos, Robertson, Rodney Scott,
Dennis Sherrill, Roy Smalley, Keith Smith, Fred Stanley, George
Zeber. (Nettles and Blair made rare, emergency appearances.) -- ED.

Photo(s): CHUCK SOLOMON Since 1976 Randolph(above, taking a throw)has seen 25 Yankee shortstops come and go and go.