My congratulations to Bruce Newman for a great piece of reporting
on golf's Nancy Lopez and baseball's Ray Knight (The Very Model Of A
Modern Marriage, Aug. 4). I've been an avid fan of Lopez's and sort
of an LPGA groupie since '77. I know the dedication and sacrifices
that are required of tour players if they are to make the cut week
after week.
As for Knight, my sympathies to the Dodgers, because at one time
they could have gotten him from the Mets for the amount of his
salary. Too bad. That would have solved a problem for the Dodgers,
and we Southern Californians would have seen more of Nancy.
Long Beach, Calif.
In your story you quote Ray Knight as saying, ''I allow (Nancy)
to play golf because she has never put it ahead of (me).''
This statement belies the story's title. In a truly modern
marriage (or at least a healthy one), the husband does not ''allow''
the wife to do something; she does it because she chooses to. I would
hope, on behalf of golf fans everywhere, that if Ray ever tells
Nancy she is no longer ''allowed'' to play golf, she will tell him to
go chew on a divot.
Gig Harbor, Wash.