Recently our staff has had an unusual amount of family-type news. For the record, we submit SI's latest mileposts:

BORN: On May 30, to SI reporter Bailey Breene Gendron, 28, and assistant art director Larry Gendron, 34, NICHOLAS REMI GENDRON. Bailey and Larry met at our office Christmas party six years ago.

•On June 6, to associate editor Victoria Boughton, 32, and senior editor Bill Colson, 37, OLIVIA WYNNS COLSON. Bill viewed the French Open final in Vicky's hospital room, then came to the office to edit Frank Deford's story on the Open.

•On July 8, to SI senior reporter Cathrine Wolf, 32, and UPI assistant sports editor Fred McMane, 46, KELLY MARGARET McMANE, who bit her lower lip for 13½ hours. MARRIED: On June 6, SI photographer RON MODRA, 39, and Citibank financial controller DEBORA GREENE, 35; at the Riverside Church in New York. Later the couple, still in wedding attire, attended the Belmont Stakes.

•On July 25, SI staff writer RALPH WILEY, 35, and computer programmer HOLLY CYPRESS, 25; in Cheverly, Md.

•On Aug. 15, SI staff writer JILL LIEBER, 31, and the managing editor of ABC's College Football Today, JERRY KLEIN, 40; on the Butte Des Morts Golf Club in Appleton, Wis.

•On Aug. 12, SAM MOSES, 39, SI special contributor, and KAREN O'REGAN, 34, fitness director at a Key West, Fla., resort; by Mormon bishop E. La Due Handy; in Jackpot, Nev.

•On Sept. 5, SI senior writer CRAIG NEFF, 29, and MIKKI MORRISSETTE, 25, a staff member at Columbia's Gannett Center for Media Studies; in Minneapolis. Beforehand, Neff got lost jogging with staff writer/best man Bob Sullivan, but they made it to the church on time.

PHOTOWILLIAM R. COLSONOlivia took in the final. PHOTOLARRY GENDRONRemy catches 40 winks. PHOTOJEFF QUADEThe Neffs are our newest newlyweds. PHOTOBOB RUECKLLieber and Klein: a marriage of SI and TV.