Fans felt their oats in October. They shunned the games played by scabs during the NFL strike, but they watched, wailed and waved hankies as a World Series fairy tale came true in Minnesota. Woebegone no more, the Twins beat the Cards 4-2 in Game 7 behind the pitching of Series MVP Frank Viola. After three weeks the football walkout ended with a lawsuit, not a contract, and no progress on free agency. In other fight news, Thomas Hearns defeated WBC middleweight champion Juan Roldan of Argentina to get his fourth world title in as many weight classes, a record.

PHOTOANTHONY NESTECheering flubs and fumbles, Giants fans thought scab football was a sad-sack affair. PHOTOMANNY RUBIOReplacement Falcon Jerry Butler got himself caught in a squeeze by the scab Steelers. PHOTOMANNY MILLANAt flexible 14, Aurelia Dobre of Romania won the women's world gymnastics title. PHOTOTONY TOMSICRandy Bush slid past Cardinal Tony Pena 's tag in Minnesota's Game 2 Series win. PHOTOHEINZ KLUETMEIERThe world championship won, Tom Brunansky of the Twins took a bussman's holiday. PHOTOBILL SMITHEven Minnesota hard hats became softies when the champs paraded through St. Paul. PHOTOANTHONY NESTEMike Tyson was no small problem for Tyrell Biggs, a knockout victim, in Atlantic City.