Hear the footsteps of November. Fleet receiver Tim Brown of Notre Dame sped closer to the Heisman Trophy.

Ferdinand held off Alysheba down the stretch at the Breeders' Cup to win a duel of Derby champs. On the streets of New York, Ibrahim Hussein of Kenya and Britain's Priscilla Welch strode to marathon titles.

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs opened the NBA season by signing 7'1" Ensign David Robinson to a $26 million contract, even though he can't play for them until 1989. Back on the gridiron, No. 1 Oklahoma wrapped up an 11-0 year, as did surprising Syracuse.

PHOTOANTHONY NESTETim Brown caught some Heisman votes during Notre Dame's 37-6 win over Alabama. PHOTOBILL FRAKESAfter her red-hot year, Steffi Graf now the No. 1 woman in tennis, got cool by a pool. PHOTOJERRY COOKETheatrical, on the inside, looked the very image of a Breeders' Cup Turf champion. PHOTOHIDEAKI SAITORGolfer Ayako Okamoto had a caddie with hood ornament at Tokyo's Mazda Classic.