EDITED BY Hank Hersch

At halftime of a Dec. 30 Illinois high school basketball game,
Calhoun High led Brussels High 40-22, and Brussels coach Rick
Huddleston had weighty options to consider. Because of packed stands
and high humidity in the old Brussels gym, the floor had become so
slick that officials were ignoring traveling violations. Someone was
bound to get hurt. After deciding that the game couldn't continue at
Brussels, the refs gave Huddleston three choices: Call the game off,
play the second half the next day or complete the game at Calhoun's
gym, in Hardin, Ill., 16 miles to the north.
''If it would have been another team, we might not have played the
second half,'' says Huddleston. But the two schools, with a combined
enrollment of 257, have a long rivalry, symbolized by the walnut
replica of an apple crate that winds up in the winner's trophy case
every season. So most of the 350 fans bundled up and headed out on
County Road 1. ''When you were driving to Hardin, you'd look back and
see nothing but a line of headlights,'' says Calhoun coach Jim Roach.

This is an article from the Jan. 15, 1989 issue

Now etched for the ages on a brass plate on the side of the Apple
Crate Trophy is the game's final score: CALHOUN 83, BRUSSELS 59.