Unspoiled. Unexpected. All but undiscovered. That sums up the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, site of SI's 1990 swim suit salute. From Dominica to Grenada, beaches lie undisturbed except for tracings left by tides and shorebirds. Many of the 40-odd islands have only one hotel—or none at all—-and most are not for vacationers who must have golf or gambling. The Windwards are about sea, sun, sand and serenity.

Visiting Mayreau Island was evidently an invigorating experience for Akure Wall, who's all tressed up at Salt Whistle Bay in a bikini by Randolph Duke ($74).

Ashley Richardson dreams away a perfect day on a spectacular piece of driftwood on Petit St. Vincent. Her good-as-gold suit is from Gottex ($86).

At Argyle Beach on St. Vincent, Rachel Hunter (left) looks peachy-keen in a maillot by LisaLomas for Viewpoint ($58). Sun's up and so is Elle Macpherson, who greets the day in glitter by Gottex ($240).

On St. Vincent, la belle Estelle Lefebure is the catch of the day in a fishnet tank top ($62), bikini bottom ($49) and jacket ($600) from Andre Van Pier.

This fishing boat on Petit Tabac in the Tobago Cays has lines that echo Kathy Ireland's suit—well, sort of—which is by Carioca Los Angeles ($52).

Akure (left) displays some fancy foot work in a suit ($56) and shorts ($33) by Darling Rio. Roshumba Williams covers up, on Petit St. Vincent, in a sheer maillot by Andre Van Pier ($450).

Pull up a chair and join Judit Masco, who, in a suit by Ralph Lauren Swim wear ($65), is beached on balmy Palm Island.

The Royal St. Vincent Police Hand serenades Elle in a not-so-quiet corner of Fort Charlotte. Her suit is from Adrienne Vitiadini ($66).

Fabulous flotsam. On the beach at Salt Whistle Bay, Akure makes like a castaway in a bikini from Macarena Gutierrez ($60).

Ashley (left) enjoys a new view of Pinese Island in a Lycra "skin" suit by LisaLomas for Viewpoint ($68). File's LisaLomas suit ($52) should give her an unusual tan.

Ouch! Sabrina Burnett gets a few uneasy winks on the waterworn rocks of St Vincent. Her wet suit, made from polyurethane-coated Lycra, is from LisaLomas for Viewpoint ($98.).

Mr. Sandman may have sprinkled Louise Vyent (left) while she caught some z's on Carib Isle in a Calvin Klein ($74). Judit, on Palm Island, looks so right in a sarong ($110) and shirt ($170) by Ralph Lauren Swimwear.

Even the boat sits up and takes notice when a nautical Roshumba sallies across the sands on Pinese Island in a Calvin Klein bikini (top $66, bottom $42).

Elle and Kathy, semisubmerged on Mustique, keep cool in the Cotton House pool in minimal suits from Darling Rio ($30).

On Argyle Beach, Rachel slips into a "skin" wet suit from LisaLomas for Viewpoint ($72). Akure brings an exotic look to Salt Whistle Bay with her Lycra bikini front Randolph Duke ($72).

Has a mermaid washed ashore on tiny Mopion? No, it's Ashley, gilding the lily in a Lycra unitard from Gottex ($240).

Can these international sirens be luring unwary sailors? From left: Rachel, a New Zealander, wears suit by LisaLomas for Viewpoint ($62); Louise, from the Netherlands, sports a wet suit by TYR Sport ($110); Israel's Michaela Bercu is ready for action in a Darling Rio Sportif suit ($47); Anna Getaneh of Ethiopia dons a "shorty" by LisaLomas ($68); Maria del Carmen von Hartz of the U.S. is suited by LisaLomas ($82); Ashley, an all-American girl, wears a suit by TYR Sport ($72); Akure, born in Nigeria, is in a neoprene wet suit by Speedo ($90).