As our director of photography—a job he took just three months ago—Heinz Kluetmeier is in Barcelona, heading up an Olympic photo operation involving 10 photographers, nine assistants and roughly $1 million worth of cameras and equipment. For this issue Kluetmeier, an SI photographer for the past 23 years, shot the dramatic fish-eye-lens photo of the U.S.'s Melvin Stewart winning the 200-meter butterfly that starts our swimming coverage. How did Kluetmeier get such a shot without interfering with the race? "I swam to the bottom of the pool before the race, planted the camera and then fired away with a remote connection from the side of the pool," he says. Just to prove he was really in the drink at the Bernat Picornell swimming pool, Kluetmeier had an assistant take the accompanying portrait.

PHOTOWELCH GOLIGHTLYHere's a fish-eye view of fish-eye expert Kluetmeier. ILLUSTRATION