At the Summer Olympics, U.S. light flyweight boxer Eric Griffin wins on all five judges' score sheets but, because of the vagaries of the new computer scoring system, loses to Rafael Lozano of Spain.... Sixteen months after nearly having her feet amputated because of Graves' disease. Gail Devers wins the women's 100-meter dash.

They Said It
Hubert Mizell, "St. Petersburg Times" columnist, after watching the U.S. women's gymnastics team get the bronze medal: "They're going to celebrate by eating a cornflake."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee becomes the first woman to earn two Olympic gold medals in multievent competition by winning the heptathlon.... Trent Dimas of the U.S. strikes gold on the horizontal bar, as do countrymen Joe Jacobi and Scott Strausbaugh in the whitewater canoeing two-man slalom.

During a semifinal heat in the 400, British runner Derek Redmond collapses with a pulled hamstring, but as the crowd rises and cheers his Olympian determination, he hobbles to the finish line with the help of his father, who has come out of the stands.

Chinese women's volleyball striker Wu Dan is the first athlete banned from the Barcelona Games for a positive drug test. The banned stimulant: strychnine, which she took in a home remedy.... Actor charlie Sheen drops $93,500 for the baseball Mookie Wilson dribbled through Bill Buckner's legs to end Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

The Dreamettes, the U.S. women's basketball team, are upset 79-73 by the Unified Team.

They Said It
Penn State football coach Joe paterno, following a glowing introduction from former NFL coach Dick Vermeil: "After that eulogy, the least I should do is drop dead."

Carl Lewis leaps to the long jump gold for the third consecutive Olympics, with world-record holder Mike Powell (silver) and Joe Greene (bronze) completing a U.S. sweep.... Kevin Young wins the Games' 400-meter hurdles in a world record 46.78 U.S. freestyle wrestler Bruce Baumgartner, a 286-pound super heavyweight, heeds his two-year-old son's order to "bring home the gold," his third Olympic medal.

Jennifer Capriati, 16, of the U.S. wins the women's tennis gold medal by beating Germany's Steffi Graff.... Prohibitive favorite Sergei Bubka shocks the world by failing to clear any height in the pole vault, which is won by Unified Team-mate Maxim Tarassov at 19'¼", more than a foot lower than Bubka's world record.... South Africans Liana Meyer (women's 10,000-meter run) and Wayne Ferreira and Piet Norval (men's doubles tennis) win silvers, South Africa's first medals since being banished from the Olympic after the 1960 Games.

PHOTOMANNY MILLANMichael Jordan gave Croatia's Drazen Petrovic a hand, sort of, as the Dream Team won gold on Aug. 8. PHOTORONALD C. MODRAWhen Olympic wrestling ended on Aug. 7, a retiring ref, due to tradition, left is shoes behind.