Dec. 28, 1992
Dec. 28, 1992

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Dec. 28, 1992

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Point After


Bobby Fischer wins his first public game of chess in 20 years, defeating old rival Boris Spassky in Sveti Stefan, Yugoslavia.

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Dan O'Brien sets a world decathlon record of 8,891 points at a meet in Talence, France.

Baseball commissioner Fay Vincent resigns.

They Said It
Red Sox slugger Jack Clark, who filed jar bankruptcy on July 30, commenting on New York Yankee Sam Militello's one-hit shutout of Boston: "I called home and told my wife I went oh for 2 and got hit in the back by a pitch. She said, 'Did you owe him money too?' "

With an eighth-inning single against the Cleveland Indians, Robin Yount of the Milwaukee Brewers records his 3,000th hit.

Monica Seles wins her sixth Grand Slam title in two years by beating Arantxa Sànchez Vicario in the U.S. Open final. The following day Stefan Edberg will successfully defend his Open title by defeating Pete Sampras in the men's final.

Former NBA All-Star center Ralph Sampson begins work as a $16,000-a-year part-time assistant basketball coach at James Madison.... Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill apologizes for the neutering of a bull call at practice, which he had arranged as a motivational ploy before a game against Texas.

They Said It
Christopher Flemming, artistic director of the New Bay Ballet Theater in Tampa, after the abysmal performance of the Tampa Bay Bucs in the preseason: "The ballet theater supports the Buccaneers 100 percent. In fact, we're going to play them."

Philadelphia Phillie second baseman Mickey Morandini catches Pittsburgh Pirate Jell Kings line drive up the middle, steps on second to double up Andy Van Slyke and tags Barry Bonds, standing near second, to turn the first unassisted triple play in the National League since May 30, 1927.

Rainbow-wigged religious-sign waver and omnipresent sports fan Rock n' Rollen Stewart (John 3:16) is captured by a Los Angeles SWAT team alter holding a hotel cleaning woman hostage for nine hours.

Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Manon Rheaume, 20, becomes the first woman to play game in a major league team sport.

Magic Johnson announces he will return to limited duty with the L.A. Lakers.

They Said It
USC receiver Travis Hannah, who is listed at 5'8", 160 founds: "I'm actually 5'7½". They put me down as 5'8" to make me look big."

Kansas City Royal George Brett's seventh-inning single off the California Angels' Tim Fortugno makes him the 18th major leaguer to record 3,000 hits.

PHOTOSTEPHEN DUNN/ALLSPORTPiling-on gained new meaning as UCLA interred a victim in its Sept. 26 drubbing of San Diego State.PHOTOCHRIS COLE/ALLSPORTA rider at England's Newmarket Gallops kept to the straight and narrow in a September morning workout.PHOTOMANNY MILLANJoe Montana rested his surgically repaired elbow on the sideline as his 49ers and the Jets battled on Sept. 20.