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Feb. 08, 1993
Feb. 08, 1993

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Feb. 8, 1993

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Just The Facts

On Media Day, players and press searched for the true meaning of the Super Bowl

Fun facts about football's ultimate test of stamina...Media Day:

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•Number of huge tour buses needed to carry 900 members of the media to Dodger Stadium for a one-hour session with each team: nine.
•Number of commuters giving friendly waves and thumbs-ups to media as police stopped traffic on the Hollywood Freeway at morning rush hour to let the buses through: zero.
•Price of delicious media breakfast of. Danish, juice, marmalade, coffee, tea and milk before Media Day began: free.
•First thing said by Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Alvin Harper, standing at his podium, waiting for the reporters to hit the field: "People, can't we all get along?"
•Number of times 335-pound Cowboy offensive lineman Nate Newton's weight was mentioned: 37.
•Number of times Buffalo Bill wide receiver Andre Reed said, "We're a lot more relaxed this year": 11.
•Number of times Reed looked relaxed during the session: zero.
•Price of delicious media luncheon of waffles, sausage, pasta and salad at Dodger Stadium: free.
•Answers players gave when asked to complete the sentence, "Media Day is about as much fun as...":

" a pit bull a root canal"—Dallas offensive lineman Kevin Gogan;

"...being in labor. It's long and excruciatingly painful"—Buffalo tight end Pete Metzelaars;
"...getting trampled by a thousand horses in a very small pasture"—Newton.

•Number of credentials granted The Dallas Morning News, the Encyclopedia Brittanica of sport sections: 31.
•Number of reporters the Morning News had covering Somalia: two.
•Price of delicious media dinner of chicken wings, fresh-cut vegetables, homemade pasta in marinara or cream sauce, plus unending supply of cold beer at Bud Bowl press conference at the Century Plaza Hotel: free.
•Amount claimed on expense accounts by most media members for the day's meals: $52.37, plus tips.

TWO PHOTOSCHRIS COVATTABuffalo's Bruce Smith drew a crowd (opposite top), the Bill scrubs did not, and the Cowboys practiced for the off-season banquet circuit.PHOTOJOHN IACONO[See caption above.]