Mackinac Island

Feb. 22, 1993
Feb. 22, 1993

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Feb. 22, 1993

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Mackinac Island

Like mirages in the morning mist, Britta Dubbels (left) and Stacey Williams materialize by the Grand Hotel pool in suits ($121 and $127, respectively) from Calvin Klein.

This is an article from the Feb. 22, 1993 issue

Stacey casts a lean shadow in a unitard from TYR Sport ($475). That's Stacey again, on the Grand's grand porch, with two legs up on the good life in a suit ($72) and sweater ($192) by Adrienne Vittadini.

For Britta, a maillot by Keiko ($104) is the hands-down choice for pebble-beaching on Round Island. Back on Mac, Stacey is regal in a suit ($85) and sweatshirt by Ralph Lauren.

The lighthouse notwithstanding, Stacey is the true beacon in her bikini by Darling Rio ($42) and Ralph Lauren.