As it stands now, 20 of the 28 NFL teams will have a different number-two quarterback than the one who finished last season for them. But here's how truly nutty the league's quarterback situation has become:

•For large parts of the last two seasons, Erik Kramer was the Detroit Lions' third-string quarterback. Kramer is now a good bet to start for the Chicago Bears, while former Lion signal-callers Rodney Peete and Andre Ware, who usually were above Kramer on the Detroit depth chart, are unemployed.

•Tom Tupa and Rick Strom (who?) had jobs at week's end. Jack Trudeau and onetime Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien did not.

•Cowboy owner Jerry Jones lost his battle to bring free-agent quarterback Wade Wilson to Dallas when he tried to convince Wilson that the $700,000 he was offering was just as good as the $1 million the New Orleans Saints were dangling in front of Wilson. Jones's pitch: Texas has no state income tax to bite at Wilson's paycheck, and the Cowboys are a cinch to earn playoff money. Wilson said thanks very much and picked New Orleans.

•The two luckiest men on the face of the earth: 1) Jim Everett. His first solid completion in a couple of years came when he threw that table into the chest of ESPN2 wiseguy Jim Rome. Sammy Baugh, who last month turned 80, could complete 50% of his throws today in the Los Angeles Rams' passer-friendly offense. Everett completed 49.3% for L.A. last year. Now he's the playoff-contending Saints' man. What a country. 2) Scott Mitchell. Seven career starts, and Detroit gave him a $5 million signing bonus, the second-highest in NFL history. In this new era of free agency, Mitchell is the alltime right guy at the right time.