"Arkansas should be commended for winning the NCAA title. It's just too bad Nolan Richardson stole the spotlight from his players, who truly deserved it."

Those Hogs
As a longtime Arkansas basketball fan, I want to say thanks for your coverage of the Hogs' NCAA championship {Razor Sharp, April 11). John Biever's photograph of Scotty Thurman's three-point basket captures the spirit and intensity of a game between two great basketball teams that gave all they had to win the title.
Kingsport, Tenn.

I'm a Kentucky fan, and while I wish the Big Blue could have made it to the Final Four, I was happy that Arkansas and Florida represented the SEC with such class and dignity. Having been to both Kentucky-Arkansas games this season, I was amazed at the talent and depth of Nolan Richardson's team and the businesslike attitude with which it approached the game. The Razorbacks are truly the best team in the country.

Arkansas deserved the title, but I don't understand the fuss that Richardson made. How much more respect can you get, Coach? You were voted Naismith Coach of the Year!
CRISSY OLIVA, Elmsford, N.Y.

I enjoyed the games, but I can't help commenting on how ridiculous Arkansas's shorts looked.
PATRICK COLQUHOUN, Old Saybrook, Conn.

Unbeknownst to most sports fans, Arkansas defeated Duke in another national tournament two weeks before their showdown in Charlotte. On March 26, the Razorbacks and the Blue Devils met in the final round of the National First Amendment Moot Court Competition at Vanderbilt. The issue he lore the court was whether speech that allegedly creates a hostile work environment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is protected by the First Amendment, and Arkansas's Brian Brooks and Edward Slaughter, coached by Cathryn Sampson Stinson, arguing that it did, prevailed. Although President Clinton was not on hand to watch the matchup, he did congratulate the Hogs in a press release in which he expressed hope that the success of the moot-court team would rub off on the basketball team. Apparently it did.
DAVID W. JONES, Nashville

Two-Point Conversion
I agree with Peter King that the two-point conversion won't be used much in the NFL (SCORECARD, April 4), but in certain situations it will add excitement. For example, I think that even the NFL's conservative coaches would opt for the' two-pointer in cases when they miss an extra point on one touchdown and then score a second touchdown.
ED RUED, Baggs, Wyo.

You overlook the fact that many games become boring near the end when teams are down by eight points and have little chance of winning. With the two-point conversion, they could still tie with a touchdown and then go for the win in overtime. I for one am looking forward to it.
Charleston, W.Va.

Tarred Tar Heels
I take exception to the "Take That, Tar Heels" billing on your March 28 cover. You could have praised Boston College's amazing upset of North Carolina in the NCAA basketball tournament without diminishing the Heels' fine season by rubbing their noses in a heartbreaking defeat.
STEVEN J. KELLER, Coldwater, Mich.

Eric Show
I was shocked to read such a critical article on Erie Show (SCORECARD, March 28). Eric may have been troubled, but I knew him as a friend, a caring person, a gifted musician and an outstanding athlete. His record shows that he led the San Diego Padres to their only division championship and that his 100 victories with them are the most in the club's history. And what was Eric supposed to do while Pete Rose was enjoying his long ovation after breaking Ty Cobb's career hit record? He did go to first base and shake Rose's hand. Also. Eric told me that he didn't hit Andre Dawson on purpose. I believe him. Eric didn't lie.
JOY DAVY, Riverside, Calif.

PHOTOGARY YANDELLArkansas (Brooks, left, Stinson, Slaughter) beat Duke in court, too.

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