May 09, 1994
May 09, 1994

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May 9, 1994

NHL Playoffs
NBA Playoffs
SI's 40th Anniversary
Motor Sports
World Cup '94
Sorry State
Point After


26 Love That OT
The playoffs have proved again that hockey's sudden death is spans' finest finale
by E.M. Swift

This is an article from the May 9, 1994 issue

34 A Disgrace of a Race
What has realignment wrought? The American League West, where a loser may win
by Tom Verducci

40 Lack of Shaq
Indiana's defense reduced Shaquille O'Neal's points and Orlando's victories
by John Walters

55 Kentucky: May: Saturday
In this SI Classic, a Nobel Prize-winning novelist recounts the day Swaps beat Nashua
by William Faulkner

60 The Last Ride
Ayrton Senna, the world's best driver, died in a horrifying crash at San Marino
by Bruce Newman

66 A Saucy Start
A soccer feast is being cooked up as the U.S. prepares to host its first World Cup ever
by Hank Hersch

78 The Sorry State of Tennis
Fans are bored, TV ratings are down. What can be done to save this game?
by Sally Jenkins


4 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
22 Scorecard
72 Sports People
89 Inside Baseball
92 Point After

Cover Photograph by David Walberg

PHOTOJOHN W. MCDONOUGHHe Went Thataway: Jay Humphries of the Jazz flipped a behind-the-back pass be flew out of bounds during the 96-84 Utah win that tied the Jazz-Spur playoff series at a victory apiece.