18 Special Report: Anatomy of a Scandal
Florida State may have won the 1993 football crown, but it ended up a loser
by Sonja Steptoe and E.M. Swift

30 Mud in Your Eye
By mastering a sloppy track at the Kentucky Derby, Go for Gin was the toast of the town
by William Nack

36 It's All Up for Grabs
The Nuggets snuffed the mighty Sonics to turn the NBA playoffs into a free-for-all
by Phil Taylor

44 Toothsome
With the surprising success of their team, San Jose Shark fans have hockey fever
by Austin Murphy

48 Bucking Up the Yanks
Remade by workaholic manager Buck Showalter, the Yankees swept the Red Sox
by Tom Verducci

54 Head Case
Julio Cèsar Chàvez got his title back thanks to Frankie Randall's noggin
by Richard Hoffer

64 Soccer Chic
If anybody can make this game fashionable in the U.S., it is Roberto Baggio of Italy
by Michael Farber

68 King of the Sports Page
The SI Classic examines the life of Jim Murray, America's top sports columnist
By Rick Reilly


8 Letters
10 Faces in the Crowd
14 Scorecard
58 Sports People
81 Inside Baseball
84 Point After

Cover Photograph by Al Tielemans

PHOTOJOHN BIEVERíMèxico! íMèxico!: With his homeland's colors waving behind him and his avid fans all around him, Julio Cèsar Chàvez headed for the ring in Las Vegas, where he regained his WBC super welterweight championship (page 54).