May 23, 1994
May 23, 1994

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May 23, 1994

Motor Sports
Mike Glazier
Bobby Hurley
Steffi Graf
World Cup '94
Point After


18 Dèjà Vu
The Bulls and the Knicks traded wins, punches and insults in the NBA playoffs
by Phil Taylor

This is an article from the May 23, 1994 issue

26 Way Out of Control
Tough new rules are needed to end ugly brawls in baseball and basketball
by Jack McCallum

32 No Terrible Twos
The second-year baseball teams in Florida and Colorado have come of age
by Tom Verducci

36 A Dark Season
After three grim accidents, Formula One racing confronted safety questions
by Ed Hinton

40 Big Man on Campus
Like other troubled schools, Florida State turned to lawyer Mike Glazier
by Douglas S. Looney

44 The Long Road Back
King guard Hobby Hurley, badly injured in an accident, is en route to recovery
by Tim Layden

52 Do Not Disturb
If Steffi Graf could shut out the world, then, for her, life would be perfect
by Sally Jenkins

60 Shadow of Shame
The specter of violent drug cartels hangs over the splendid Colombian soccer team
by S.L. Price


8 Letters
12 Faces in the Crowd
14 Scorecard
56 Sports People
72 Inside Baseball
74 Point After

Cover Photograph by John Iacono

PHOTOBEN RADFORD/ALLSPORTAn Advisor: Emergency crewmen like this one have been much in demand as fatal and near-fatal accidents, including one last week on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, reflected here, have stunned Formula One racing (page 36).