20 Off to the Races
It was a fast-paced week, from the Travers Stakes to the New Hampshire 200 to a sprint in Switzerland


30 Raising Arizona
Defense will elevate the Wildcats to the top this fall
by Tim Layden

40 The Long View
Michigan's Tyrone Wheatley didn't take the money and run
by S.L. Price

48 Back to School
Many former NFL coaches are now happy in college ball
by Rick Telander

54 What a Country!
Get a load of the gerrymandered world of tomorrow
by Steve Rushin

56 Scouting Reports
Arizona is No. 1, but at least' 10 other teams could make a run at the national championship

98 A Century of Honesty
This '62 SI Classic celebrated coach Amos Alonzo Stagg
by John Underwood

100 The Lower Divisions
Here are some of the players and teams that will make news in Divisions I-AA, II and III this season

116 A Time of Trial
Navy kicker Ryan Bucchianeri was severely tested last fall
by William Nack


8 Faces in the Crowd
13 Letters
14 Scorecard
78 Sports People
128 Point After

On the cover
Five reasons that Arizona may well have the best defense in the country:
1. Tedy Bruschi
2. Sean Harris
3. Jim Hoffman
4. Tony Bouie
5. Brandon Sanders

Cover Photograph by Peter Read Miller


The Lions in Winter

Penn State lost a game of snowball to Ohio State last season, but the Nittany Lions should ice the Buckeyes when they meet again on Oct. 29.