Sept. 05, 1994
Sept. 05, 1994

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Sept. 5, 1994

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Tiger Woods
NFL Preview '94
NFL' Preview 94
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14 The Comeback Kid
Tiger Woods won the U.S. Amateur in dramatic fashion
by Tim Rosaforte

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19 Natural Born Killer
Pete Sampras seems aloof but he bums to destroy foes
by Sally Jenkins


26 Forward Progress
In 75 years the NFL has become a technological colossus
by Leigh Montville

32 On the Spot
The salary cap has put added pressure on the top rookies
by E.M. Swift

42 Don't Cross This Line
Once overlooked, the left tackle is now a valued specialist
by Paul Zimmerman

54 The Big Horse
Will Wolford has realized his dream of owning thoroughbreds
by William Nack

64 Early Master
Cal Hubbard set the stage for all superb tackles
by William F. Reed

66 Total Package
Jim Parker led the charge for the John Unitas-led Colts
by Paul Zimmerman

72 Get Smart!
NFL prospects Pry to do just that for the Wonderlic test
by Richard Hoffer

80 Scouting Reports
Our two pro football experts preview all 28 teams
by Peter King and Paul Zimmerman

118 A Block at Tackle
Art Shell, the best left tackle ever, is a rock-solid coach
by John Ed Bradley

138 He Does What He Wants Out There
Tins '75 SI Classic profiles the Steelers' Mean Joe Greene
by Roy Blount Jr.


4 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
11 Scorecard
130 Inside the NFL
152 Point After

Cover Photograph by Michael O'Neill

PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONMICHAEL O'NEILLLegal Motion: Richmond Webb of the Miami Dolphins shows some of the moves a left tackle makes to protect his quarterback (page 42).