22 Play Ball!
With baseball still idle, the NFL got off to a rousing 13-game start

by Rick Telander

by Paul Zimmerman

by Peter King

by Tom Verducci

by Jill Lieber

by Sally Jenkins

by Jack McCallum

48 The Pennant Race
An International League showdown may be as good as it gets this year
by Tim Kurkjian

54 Play Ball! II

by Franz Lidz

by Hank Hersch

by Austin Murphy

by Bruce Newman

by Bruce Newman

by Tim Crothers

68 Making Hay
With yet another strike, Goose Gossage may have seen the end of his career
by Tom Verducci

76 Trojans' Horses
For resurgent USC, there's no substitute for a stellar running game
by Richard Hoffer


8 Letters
12 Faces in the Crowd
17 Scorecard
83 Inside College Football
86 Point After

Cover Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

PHOTOGEORGE TIEDEMANNTee Time: The NFL's kickoff weekend saw Dolphin Pete Stoyanovich booting on a muddy, disused infield (page 22).