Sept. 19, 1994
Sept. 19, 1994

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Sept. 19, 1994

Motor Sports
On The Scene
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Michigan-Notre Dame
Pro Football
SI 40th Anniversary
Buck O'Neil
Point After


18 Shoot-out in South Bend
In a duel of young quarterbacks, Michigan defeated Notre Dame
by Tim Layden

This is an article from the Sept. 19, 1994 issue

24 Shoot-out in Kansas City
In a duel of older quarterbacks, Joe Montana outdid Steve Young
by Paul Zimmerman

34 Anarchy and Agassi
The U.S. Open was the perfect venue for the redemption of Andre Agassi
by S.L. Price

40 Flora and Furor
The Chinese women swimmers bloomed amid controversy at the worlds
by Leigh Montville


46 Forty for the Ages
These individuals have most significantly altered or elevated the world of sports during the four decades since SI began publication

148 The Guiding Light
Buck O'Neil bears witness to the glory of Negro league baseball
by Steve Wulf


7 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
13 Scorecard
160 Inside the NFL
165 Inside College Football
168 Point After

Cover and Gatefold Illustrations by Richard Tuschman

ALI: Neil Leifer; KORBUT: Focus on Sports; BROWN: Neil Leifer; BIRD-JOHNSON: Andrew D. Bernstein: B.J. KING: Tony Triolo; AARON: Neil Leifer

PALMER: Walter Iooss Jr.; KORBUT: Allsport; FIXX: Ken Regan/Camera 5; BRYANT: Ronald C. Modra; MONTANA: Michael O'Neill/Outline; DR. ROBERT JACKSON: Danny Turner: NICKLAUS: Focus on Sports: BIRD-JOHNSON: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA Photo; LEONARD: Manny Millan: ASHE: Michael O'Neill; DR. HAROLD GORES: courtesy of Helen Gores: PETTY: George Tiedemann; CLEMENTE: Walter Iooss Jr.; WOODEN: Rich Clarkson; SECRETARIAT: John lacono; BILL RASMUSSEN: Tim Stamm; B.J. KING: Stuart Franklin/Sygma; GARY DAVIDSON: Curt Gunther Camera 5: ROZELLE: Tony Triolo; GRETZKY: Paul Bereswill: LEMOND: G. Watson/Sygma: JORDAN: Walter looss Jr.; RUSSELL: James Drake; ALI: Charles Hoff/New York Daily News; RYAN: Jon Soohoo/Bernstein Assoc: FLEMING: Art Rickerby/TIME; PEL‚Äö√†√∂‚àö¢: Eric Schweikardt; AARON: Ken Regan/Camera 5; ORR: Tony Triolo; ROSE: Heinz Kluetmeier; BROWN: Tony Tomsic; ARLEDGE: Ken Regan/Camera 5; NAVRATILOVA: Steve Powell; NAMATH: Walter Iooss Jr.; LEWIS: David Madison/Duomo; COSELL: Arnold Newman; D. KING: Michael O'Neill: MILLER: Lane Stewart; ERVING: Tony Triolo; MARK McCORMACK: Jean Guichard/Gamma Liaison

PHOTOHARRY COUGHANOUR/PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTEStill the Greatest: Just as the young Cassius Clay proclaimed his own superlativeness, years later we find that, by any name, he remains No. 1 (page 46).