Dec. 19, 1994
Dec. 19, 1994

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Dec. 19, 1994

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Out of the thousands of photographs you sifted through, sumo wrestlers made the cut, but Pelè did not?

This is an article from the Dec. 19, 1994 issue

Memorable Shots
I thoroughly enjoyed your 40 Pictures to Remember in the Nov. 14 issue. Particularly moving was the Oct. 1, 1955, photo showing the Army football team charging onto the field with the Cadet Corps in the background. The player leading the team, Donald Holleder (number 16), was killed in Vietnam while trying to save wounded men under his command. Other players or cadets in the picture may have suffered similar fates.

The photographs were beautiful, but one picture I would have liked to have seen was that of 49er Jerry Rice celebrating after breaking the NFL's career touchdown record earlier this season.
JONATHAN PIGNOLI, Downingtown, Pa.

It seems odd that you would neglect to print a picture of Dr. J in flight. The outstretched right arm grasping a multicolored ball, the left arm quietly at his side, the elevation, the hair, the intensity of the moment are components of a fine photograph.
BRIAN J. BLUMBERG, Edgewood, N.Mex.

How could you fail to include Franco Harris reaching down to catch Terry Bradshaw's pass, thus completing the Immaculate Reception?

With all the great pictures you selected, it amazes me that you would omit two of the best: Bobby Orr captured in flight after his Stanley Cup-winning goal in 1970 and Joe Carter's home run that ended the 1993 World Series. You always seem to exclude these proud moments that bring us Canadians together. However, I notice you included the disgraced Ben Johnson. Not appreciated.
JASON LOGAN, Blackstock, Ont.

You left out Sid Bream of the Braves sliding home for the two-out. ninth-inning winning run against the Pirates in the seventh game of the 1992 National League Championship Series.
J.P. WARD, Newnan, Ga.

I could not believe that Wayne Gretzky's 802nd goal was not one of your choices. I was not impressed by the hockey picture that was picked: Vancouver goalie Kirk McLean being beaten by a Ranger in last June's playoffs. Maybe a picture of Mark Messier lifting the Stanley Cup would have been more exciting.

How could any photo collection be complete without an aerial view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge moments after the start of the New York City Marathon?
HY ANTEBY, Brooklyn

What about Wade Boggs bawling in the dugout after the Boston Red Sox had come within an out of winning the 1986 World Series?
Villanova, Pa.

One of the best football pictures ever taken is of the Redskins' John Riggins breaking free of the Dolphins' Don McNeal to score the go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XVII.
MITCH TARAGIN, Silver Spring, Md.

I am disappointed that you did not include any water-sports moments. How could you forget the tie between Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer for the '84 Olympic gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle? Or Janet Evans, Summer Sanders, Matt Biondi and Mark Spitz? Perhaps the most startling moment in diving history came at the 1988 Olympics when Greg Louganis hit his head on the three-meter board. Don't forget us water fans next time.

PHOTOMANNY MILLANNotable omissions: Dr. J soaring in the ABA, Orr scoring the Cup winner in '70 and Louganis bouncing back in Seoul.PHOTOTHE BREARLEY COLLECTION[See caption above.]PHOTOBRIAN SMITH AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE[See caption above.]

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