Skip Kendall's week at the Nissan Open was a memorable one, though
he would just as soon forget it.

After his practice round on Monday, Kendall left the Riviera
grounds and was cruising leisurely down Sunset Boulevard in a
courtesy car provided by the tournament sponsor. ``I was kind of
zonin', checking things out,'' Kendall says. Unfortunately Kendall
didn't notice when the car in front of him stopped to make a left
turn. He crunched it. No one was hurt, but Kendall did some
serious damage to his shiny new Sentra. ``I called up the guy in
charge and said, `Bud, your car's only got 10 miles on it, but
it's not going any farther,' '' he says. Tournament officials were
understanding and gave him another car. ``I couldn't believe
that,'' says Kendall, 30, who has spent most of his eight years as
a pro on mini-tours and the Nike tour.

Late that night Kendall awoke in fantastic pain, though it was
unrelated to the possibility of having to cover the deductible on
the $16,000 Sentra's repair costs. ``It felt like someone was
stabbing me with a knife in my mouth,'' says Kendall. On Tuesday
morning Kendall had root canal for a toothache, which he says was
not caused by the crash, and he spent most of Wednesday trying to
recover. He shot a 283 to finish 46th. At least the early-week
disasters provided some perspective. ``I definitely found out
there are worse things than hitting bad golf shots,'' says


COLOR PHOTO:JACQUELINE DUVOISIN Kendall may want to limit his driving to the golf course.[Skip Kendall]