Oct. 27, 1997
Oct. 27, 1997

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Oct. 27, 1997

Faces In The Crowd
Pro Basketball
Pro Basketball [bonus Piece]



--SENIORS: Raymond Floyd, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary
Player and Lee Trevino combined have earned less this year than
Hale Irwin has.

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--VARDON TROPHY: Tiger Woods is a lock to win it, right? Nick
Price leads with a scoring average of 68.71 versus Tiger's 68.89.

--BETHPAGE BLACK: The USGA will spend $2.5 million to get this
muni in shape for the 2002 U.S. Open, but the weekday greens fee
will remain only $25.

--JOHNNY MILLER: "I'm not sure that the most talented player I
ever saw wasn't myself."

--FRANK LICKLITER: On why he pulled a knife, for which he was
arrested, on another patron at a Duluth, Ga., sports bar: "He
just made me mad, and I wasn't going to tolerate it."

--CURTIS STRANGE: "I don't think television work has screwed up
my game. I've pretty much taken care of that on my own."

--TOP COURSES: The only good architect is a dead architect? Not
one of the top 15 courses in the world ranked by Golf magazine
was built after 1935.

--OLD STORY: Women's Mid-Am champ Carol Semple Thompson, 49, is
the oldest winner of a nonsenior USGA event.