Dec. 01, 1997
Dec. 01, 1997

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Dec. 1, 1997

Faces In The Crowd


Whalers fans greeted the players with nearly full houses. Now,
as Hurricanes, the players hear echoes and, if they listen
closely, Hartford wailing.

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The Carolina Hurricanes are in Greensboro for one reason--its
arena (Natural Disaster, Oct. 27). Last year our company had a
suite for the AHL Carolina Monarchs. It was good hockey, and we
had fun. When word came that the Hurricanes were going to stop
off in Greensboro for two years on the way to Raleigh, we were
excited. Then we got the bill. We were charged 900% more to keep
the suite. Still, we felt we couldn't miss out, so we dug deep
and paid up. The question I have is, Doesn't it make more sense
to have more reasonably priced seats full of fans than all those
expensive empty seats?
President, Southern Foods
Greensboro, N.C.

Let's try the following in any midsized city and see what
happens: Move in an existing team with a history of losing and
poor management; raise the ticket prices; openly plan to stay
for only two years before moving to another city; have the
players complain about the city; and have management do minimal
promotion. That's the story of the Hurricanes in Greensboro.
FRED PEARLMAN, Greensboro, N.C.


Ivan Maisel omitted Barry Gardner, a senior at Northwestern,
from his 1997 All-Walk-on Team (INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL, Oct.
27). Gardner, an offensive guard in high school, earned a
scholarship as a linebacker in his sophomore year with the
Wildcats. He was third in tackles, with 106, for Northwestern's
Big Ten co-champions last year. No longer in the shadow of
All-America middle linebacker Pat Fitzgerald this season,
Gardner, the Wildcats' captain, led the Big Ten in tackles (174).

You should have included the starting defensive end at Kansas
State, Joe Bob Clements. Now a junior, he earned a scholarship
before his sophomore year and played in all 12 games that season.
MIKE SHANE, Emporia, Kans.

My brother Miguel Montano, a 1997 preseason All-Conference USA
selection at wide receiver, walked on at Louisville in '94. He
played the first three games that year as a freshman before
being injured, and he was awarded a scholarship by then coach
Howard Schnellenberger. He has finished his career holding the
Cardinals' records for the most receptions in a game (14,
twice), career receptions (175) and career yards receiving
JOE MONTANO, Louisville

I was surprised that my son Charlie, the starting right guard
for Rice, was not on your list. The Owls are the No. 2 rushing
team in the country. Charles walked on in 1994 and has started
in every game since his redshirt year. If he avoids injury next
year, he will have started every game of his four-year playing
RALPH TORELLO, Richardson, Texas


Someone needs to elaborate on a record mentioned in FACES IN THE
CROWD (Oct. 27). How did Eric Freeman play 467 holes of golf in
12 hours?
TIM NEUMARK, Morgantown, W.Va.

--Freeman had the help of three golf carts and about 50
relatives and friends who served as spotters and aides. An
orthopedic surgeon, Freeman told Newsday that the next day was
the hardest part: "I went to work on crutches. There wasn't
enough Motrin to soothe my sore muscles." --ED.


Until Larry Bird announced he was coaching the Indiana Pacers, I
considered myself a Boston Celtics fan. But Jackie MacMullan's
article (Back Home Again in Indiana, Oct. 27) made me realize
that I'm not a Celtics fan, I'm a Bird fan. Heck, I don't even
know who plays for Boston now.

COLOR PHOTO: ROD MIKINSKI/MANHATTAN MERCURY Additional walk-ons include (clockwise from upper left) Clements, Montano, Gardner (purple helmet) and Torello. [Joe Bob Clements in game]COLOR PHOTO: KEITH WILLIAMS/LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL [See caption above--Miguel Montano in game]COLOR PHOTO: FRANK POLICH/AP [See caption above--Barry Gardner in game]COLOR PHOTO: BARRY JARVINEN/AP [See caption above--Charlie Torello]