NCAA Talent Pools

March 23, 1998
March 23, 1998

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March 23, 1998

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NCAA Talent Pools

The odds are good that several of the 64 teams that made the
NCAA tournament will one day supply a batch of players to the
NBA. Twenty-five squads each produced four players who have
suited up in the league this season, and 20 yielded five or
more. Here are the teams that have placed the most players in
the NBA during 1997-98. --David Sabino

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7 North Carolina , 1990-91
NCAA tournament finish: lost in semifinals

Pete Chilcutt and George Lynch, Grizzlies; Hubert Davis,
Mavericks; Rick Fox, Lakers; Eric Montross, Pistons; Clifford
Rozier, Timberwolves (waived on Nov. 25); Kevin Salvadori, Kings
(waived on Feb. 20)

6 Kentucky Wildcats, 1995-96
NCAA tournament finish: won championship

Derek Anderson, Cavaliers; Tony Delk, Warriors; Walter McCarty,
Ron Mercer and Antoine Walker, Celtics; Mark Pope, Pacers

6 Arizona, 1992-93
NCAA tournament finish: lost in first round

Etdrick Bohannon, Pacers; Reggie Geary, Spurs; Chris Mills,
Knicks; Khalid Reeves, Mavericks; Ed Stokes, Raptors (waived on
Dec. 1); Damon Stoudamire, Trail Blazers

6 UCLA, 1991-92
NCAA tournament finish: lost in first round

Mitchell Butler, Cavaliers; Tyus Edney, Celtics; Don MacLean,
Nets; Darrick Martin, Clippers; Tracy Murray, Wizards; George
Zidek, Sonics