In The Crease

July 06, 1998
July 06, 1998

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July 6, 1998

In The Crease

Penguins co-owner Roger Marino is making enemies in Pittsburgh
by refusing to pay retired legend Mario Lemieux the money he is
owed (nearly $33 million on a seven-year guaranteed contract he
signed in 1992). The franchise is already on shaky ground, and
alienating Lemieux--he sued the team last week--and his legion
of fans could be disastrous for the club. Look for commissioner
Gary Bettman to get involved if this matter is not resolved

This is an article from the July 6, 1998 issue

Marian Hossa, Ottawa's first-round pick in 1997 and the NHL's
top prospect, tore his MCL in April, but the Senators are
thrilled with his commitment to rehabilitation. Hossa skipped a
recent awards banquet because it would have kept him from his
daily therapy. If he heals properly, expect him to make the
Senators' roster next season....

Sign of the times: At the draft one general manager said that he
was negotiating a contract with an agent whose client had never
played a pro game, yet the agent's demands were simple: a huge
base salary, bonuses for winning various NHL awards and a clause
ensuring that if a new award is created and his client wins it,
he would get another substantial bonus....

Sharks coach Darryl Sutter was offered a four-year contract
extension that would pay an average of $800,000 per season, but
he declined, telling management he wanted only a two-year deal.
The reason? Sutter, an honorable man, says the club should
reevaluate his performance after two years to make sure the team
is heading in the right direction.